Ellie Mae McNulty

Acting Resumé


Acting Reel



  Height: 5'4"
  Weight: 110 lbs
  Hair: Brown
  Eyes: Blue
The Fastest Clock in the Universe   Sherbet Gravel   The New Group
Dir. Jo Bonney
Full Moon & High Tide in the Ladies Room   Francine   Common Basis Theatre
Dir. Marsha Haufrecht
Les Liaisons Dangerous   Cecile   Access Theatre
Dir. John Osbourne Hughes
The Merchant of Venice   Nerissa   Access Theatre
Dir. John Osbourne Hughes
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You   Philomena   The Gardner Stages
Dir. Steve Helgoth
Cancer Tales   Clare   The Storm Theatre
Dir. Josh Vasquez
The Subject       Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Dir. Christine Gauaus
The Movie       Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Dir. Dina Moe
Milk Milk McGinty       The Magnet Theatre
Dir. Armando Diaz
Toxic Shock       The Magnet Theatre
Dir. Armando Diaz
Oyster Man   Girl (lead)   Ryo Hayashi
Pink Moon   King (lead)   Meredyth Wilson
The Sweet Life   Ex-girlfriend   Rocco Simonelli
The Shellphone   Lizzy (lead)   Jonathan Lennard
Acting     Coached by Susan Batson and Terry Schreiber. The Art and Craft of Acting, four year programme with John Osbourne Hughes. Scholarship student, The Lee Strasberg Institute. The Actor's Studio, New York.
      Improv with The Groundlings, L.A. Completed the UCB and Magnet theater programs. TJ and Dave. HB Studios with Austin Pendleton. Physical comedy - Chris Bayes. Shakespeare's clowns with Barry Edelstein. Sketch comedy writing with Ed Herbstman and Armando Diaz.
      New plays at the SoHo Playhouse with Glen Berger, Tracey Letts, Wilson Milam and Scott Morfee. Play readings for Curt Dempster at E.S.T.
Voice     Voice with Dr. Tomatis, Centre Tomatis, Paris. Dialects with Sam Chwat (British, French, Russian, Irish, New Jersey, Southern and standard American dialects).
Special Skills & Further Info
      Scholarship student at The Slade School of Fine Art, London and The Art Students' League of New York. Silver medals in Jazz, Latin American and Ballroom. Writing and directing: two short films Another Juliet and Melt. Fencing. Horseback riding. Flying: Cessna and rudderless Aercoups. Marconi scholarship Space School, Brunel University. U.S. driving license. British passport.
      Ellie Mae McNulty